The State of Organizational Wellness Report​ is currently in development and poised to provide business leaders with industry data that will transform how they measure the health of their business.

Coming Soon in2022

Our collective is on the cusp of launching a global research report that will redefine organizational wellness now and moving forward.

A Message from the CMO

One of our objectives at Five to Flow is to share insights from our research that will change the way business leaders assess organizational wellness and how they define it for years to come. This qualitative and quantitative research will enable organizations across the globe to benchmark their performance across the five core elements of organizational wellness, identify areas for development, and provide a framework for the business world to reimagine what organizational wellness means to them. The State of Organizational Wellness Report, or SOWR, will present insights and performance data from thousands of organizations around the globe that highlight trends, strategic priorities, challenges, and insights across the five core elements.

Benchmark for Excellence

The SOWR™ will be the benchmark for excellence for organizational wellness strategy and insights. Using our own proprietary diagnostic tool in combination with traditional research methodologies, our vision is to provide business leaders with a framework for achieving peak performance and sustaining competitive advantage.

Integrative Approach

While there are many resources available on the subject of organizational wellness, we are different because we take a holistic approach to measuring the health of individuals and organizations. The SOWR​ will give business leaders around the world the tools they need to analyze performance data across the five core elements and make more informed business decisions.

We are working diligently to prepare this valuable research to share with the world, and I am looking forward to sharing research data that will encourage business leaders to think about creative ways to improve the wellness of their organizations today and moving forward.

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AJ Bellarosa



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