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Mental Health In The Workplace

Mental health and resilience are at an all-time low for employees in the workplace worldwide. Burnout is on the rise and a recent study by the World Health Organization found that mental health issues result in a $1 trillion annual hit to the global economy because of lost productivity. Members of our leadership team decided to come together and have a meaningful conversation where they provide practical tools for you to improve your mental health, strengthen your resilience, and learn more about burnout triggers. Enter your contact details in the form below to watch the full video.







People Overview

The employees, leaders, customers, partners, and other key stakeholders collectively create the organization and ultimately drive the success or failure of every interaction and the holistic health of company performance.

Five to Flow consultants have decades of experience supporting employee physical and mental health, addressing the changing human resource needs and talent acquisition, implementing professional development and retention strategies, optimizing talent selection, accelerating speed to market and ongoing skills development which are all critical for meaningful engagement and overall wellness.

Five to Flow will assess five key areas related to people including customers to ensure we determine the best solutions for areas of improvement while also gathering feedback on the organization's strengths for the purpose of replicating what's working well and leveraging them in other areas of the business.


Employee Health & Wellness

Five to Flow's solutions and recommendations on employee health and fitness will focus on enabling our customers to design programs, implement best practices, and host events that will contribute to improving and optimizing individual and team-based:

  1. Stress Management.​ Learn proper active recovery techniques.
  2. Hormone health and brain function. Optimize hormones for maximum productivity.
  3. Recovery and sleep.​ Create habits towards a sustainable lifestyle that prevents fatigue and burnout.
  4. Exercise and movement.​ Encourage an active lifestyle that aids employee health and longevity.
  5. Diet and nutrition.​ Feed your mind and body with the proper fuel it needs on a daily basis.

Individual Change Management

Five to Flow's recommendations on Individual Change Management will enable individuals to change behaviors and adapt positively through a structured framework, ADKAR®, which stands for:

  1. Awareness.Commit to understanding the "why" behind the change.
  2. Desire. Identify personalized motivators.
  3. Knowledge.Commit to understanding expectations.
  4. Ability.​ Obtain the required skills.
  5. Reinforcement. Receive ongoing support.

Career Management

Five to Flow's recommendations on Career Management will focus on designing organizational programs and enabling human resources, leadership teams and individuals to improve:

  1. Recruitment and onboarding. Hire and enable the right people at the right time.
  2. Professional Development. Support employees as they learn and grow through training, mentoring and coaching.
  3. Employee retention. Keep your best people through effective strategies.
  4. Employee engagement. Enable your people to be present, motivated and happy.
  5. Career pathing. Create a clear plan for employees to advance mindfully.

Customer Centricity

Five to Flow's recommendations on customer centricity will focus on optimizing:

  1. Customer Due Diligence.​ Get to know your customer intimately.
  2. Customer Journey Mapping. Understand each milestone in the buying process.
  3. Individualized Needs Analysis.​ Uncover unique pain points and resolution requirements.
  4. Personalized Offerings.​ Design solutions, products and services based on customer preferences.
  5. Customer Engagement and Satisfaction. Create touch points that drive positive interactions and customer loyalty.

Employee Engagement

Five to Flow's recommendations on employee engagement is enabling our customers to design programs, implement best practices, and host events that will contribute to improving and optimizing individual and team-based:

  1. Workplace Attitude.​ Choose positivity in times of happiness and conflict.
  2. Communications and Teamwork.​ Improve candor, transparency and collaboration.
  3. Ethics and Compliance.Operate with professional beliefs and conduct that build trust and equity.
  4. Self-Efficacy and Empowerment.Improve ability for independent problem-solving, risk-taking and decision-making.
  5. Creativity and Innovation. Advocate original ideas and forward thinking.



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