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The Organizational Wellness Wave™ encourages business leaders around the world to ensure all voices are heard when they measure the health of their business.

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A diagnostic fororganizational wellness

Working with companies of all sizes and industries around the world, we encourage employee engagement across the company as employees take the Wellness Wave™ as part of our Achieve Flow™ service. ​

The more perspectives from various roles, demographics, geographies, performance levels, tenures, and diverse information and data we can gather, the more meaningful our engagements will be. ​ As we look at organizations holistically across teams, territories, and levels, we will be able to determine root causes to challenges and introduce internal best practices to new areas of the business. ​ A heterogenous response will enable a more customized Five to Flow report of insights along with actionable solutions for our customers. ​

We want to enable organizations to achieve financial and operational goals, deeply engage with employees at a meaningful level, and exceed customer expectations with every touch point. ​ Ideas and insights from the people inside the company coupled with analysis from the outside is proven to drive peak performance for individuals, teams, departments and organizations as a whole. ​ We are grateful for our customers and truly look forward to your peak performance achievements and integrative organizational wellness.

We are committedto our customer's employees.

For over a decade, our collective has honed the selection process on which employees and how many should participate in the Wellness Wave™ survey process. ​ We have found that open communication about the purpose, the leadership team's commitment to take action from the outcomes, and the expected results from those actions elicit voluntary participation. ​ The response rate at some of our customers has been at 100% based on the transparency and assurance that an appropriately diverse sample group will contribute to the collective voice and that responses remain confidential.

We recommend our customers follow a structured communication plan and invite participants across the following five categories that are described in detail below:

  1. Role Diversity
  2. Demographic Diversity
  3. Global, Regional, and Local Diversity
  4. Performance Diversity
  5. Tenure and Level Diversity

Our approach isthorough and inclusive.

1. Role Diversity

Every role in an organization is important, whether it is customer facing or back office, strategic or tactical, routine or creative. ​ We will ask our customers to ensure we assess all roles across the company, especially making sure that we understand how each role connects with others to see the big picture within and across separate teams.

2. Demographic Diversity

We request that we have access to assess all demographics across the company ensuring an equal representation by gender, age, ethnicity, education level, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, and/or any other factors to be determined with voluntary levels of disclosure. ​ Though we cannot require participation nor self disclosure, the more transparency from our respondents, the more likely we are to solve challenges of under-represented and under-served demographic segments of employees and stakeholders.

3. Global, Regional and Local Diversity

To understand the whole organization, we have to hear from employees in every continent, country, region, territory, state, city, and office. There are countless business practices, languages, customs, and cultural variations to consider when working in an organization larger than one office. ​

4. Performance Diversity

We want to assess top, mid-level, and low performers which surprises many of our customers. ​ Not all top performers are engaged or in flow and not all poor performers lack potential. ​ We are interested in hearing from employees with positive and negative attitudes, as it is our hope to leverage the strengths we can while offering solutions to boost performance and morale.

5. Tenure & Level Diversity

We will assess employees at individual contributor, team lead, middle manager, leadership, and executive levels at all spans of tenure, brand new to those close to retirement. ​ Often times, the most senior and tenured employees learn from the less experienced who have fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, while the newbies have an opportunity to shift their perspectives by learning from invested employees.

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