SVP of Product Development

"The end result was an alignment of strategy across a matrixed organization."

My organization was in a change and transformation strategic initiative for over a year when Kate was partnered with us to support our progress. ​ Tactical improvements had occurred, but we were struggling to align strategy across a matrix organization as each functional leader had a differing view of our end state vision. ​

After several stakeholder interviews, Kate developed an approach to surface functional objectives in order to align prioritization and define the key elements of our end state. ​ She organized a leadership workshop and the structure of that workshop allowed for objective prioritization of opportunities. ​ The end result was an alignment of strategy across a matrixed organization, created through everyone’s involvement and input, rather than a top down driven set of tactics. ​ This alignment empowered the initiative teams and allowed the execution to move forward far more productively and rapidly than before. ​

Throughout Kate’s partnership with us it was evident that she gained a depth of understanding of our business model and organizational culture quickly and Kate was respected for her recommendations in a way few past consultants had achieved.

—Senior Vice President, Global Product Development & Implementation

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My organization was in a change and transformation strategic initiative for over a year when...

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