Creating Organizational Wellness and a Healthier Bottom Line

Foster connections between your leaders and employees and create high-performing teams with our integrative solutions. Our unconventional approach generates organizational wellness and sustainable growth by optimizing employee and customer experiences.

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Five Core Elements of Organizational Wellness

When you integrate solutions across the Five Core Elements, your organization becomes more than the sum of its parts. Empower your people, strengthen your culture, optimize processes, modernize technology, and leverage analytics–this is the proven path to accessing flow and achieving organizational wellness.

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Leading Organizations in People-First Change Management

People are the lifeblood of your organization, and focus is the key to productivity. Our change management approach delivers healthier, more productive environments by aligning employee motivations, engaging them in the transformation, and minimizing distractions. Employees access flow, teams are more innovative, and your organization maximizes efficiency and impact.

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It’s Time to Check the Wellness of Your Organization

Based on the Five Core Elements and Flow concepts, our Wellness Wave® provides a comprehensive assessment of organizational wellness. Customized for businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, or non-profits, we deliver insightful reports and customized action plans for organizations and individuals. It’s a benchmark for global workplace wellness.

Assess your readiness for future change.

Take the Wellness Wave®.

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Achieving Focus and Group Flow at Revolent

“Five to Flow's unique approach to accelerating business transformation has helped Revolent improve our focus and execution in a number of critical growth areas for the business. Their workshops brought all our teams together to discover our shared goals and how we can work together on a common vision.”

​ -Don Lynch, Chief Customer Officer

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Reimagine, Reinvent, and Re-Energize Your Workplace Experience

Toss traditional organizational models aside; businesses no longer operate in the traditional way.

Today’s organizations expect bigger results, and their clients expect better, faster products and services.

They’re both asking more of the people within that organization. But an important question emerged: Have we created a workplace that sets employees up to perform at their best and meet these new expectations?

Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding “No."

At Five To Flow®, we engage employees and empower business leaders to improve their organization's overall performance, innovation, and impact. When workplaces prioritize employees, productivity increases, and a healthy, thriving work environment emerges.

Optimize the Five Core Elements to Access Individual and Group Flow

We specialize in helping organizations achieve operational excellence by optimizing the Five Core Elements—people, culture, process, technology, and analytics. When there's disconnect, everyone struggles to achieve their goals. When they are in harmony, organizations thrive.

We begin by evaluating the root causes affecting your company's performance, understanding the profound impact these core elements have on both individual and organizational success.

Guided by our global team, we develop tailored strategies to enhance each element while empowering individuals to tap into the performance benefits of accessing Flow.

We will unlock your team's and organization's full potential to achieve and sustain peak performance.

Challenge Outdated Consulting Models for Transformative Growth

Five to Flow is more than just a consultancy; we are your partner in realizing your organization's full potential.

Unlike typical consultants, we prioritize your voice and lead with collaboration. We dive deep, asking the tough questions to uncover the root causes of challenges and their impacts.

Our approach eliminates surface-level thinking and confronts complex topics head-on, leading to transformative change.

Thinking outside the box fosters new ideas and active discussions. We seamlessly integrate into your organization, co-creating solutions that align with your ideal culture and propel you toward your future goals.

We will empower your people and organization to break free from conventional methods to achieve measurable growth.

Focus: A paradigm shift to unlock peak performance.

Call it positive disruption, unconventional problem-solving, or people-first change management—we're dedicated to unlocking your peak performance. This is what we call "Achieving Flow."

We know this isn’t how the rest of our industry speaks. It’s a different language. But every organization we work with instantly understands it.

We’re confident you will, too. ​

The Wellness Wave®: Tailored insights for​ sustainable growth.

Is your organization struggling to meet performance expectations? Or, are you performing well but struggling to scale to ambitious targets? The stress is burning out your people. Your leadership feels pressure to affect change, but there is a clear lack of internal alignment and awareness of blind spots.

The key here is to assess your performance across the Five Core Elements of flow. Identify strengths and areas for improvement… and then take informed action!

Our proprietary diagnostic survey tool, The Wellness Wave®, goes beyond conventional surveys, offering a thorough evaluation. It assesses not only the critical aspects of people and culture but also process, analytics, and technology, providing a holistic view to optimize your organization's performance.

Our unique approach offers even greater value by delivering insightful reports and tailor-made action plans for you, your individuals, and your organization. We are setting a benchmark for global workplace wellness, ensuring your organization’s sustainable growth and development.