Balance, equanimity, and wellness are critical to achieving and sustaining peak performance. Five to Flow was designed to help every business find their flow.

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Mission and Vision

Our mission is to be the world's leading authority on integrative organizational wellness, and help every business create a healthy environment for sustaining peak performance.

We have redefined organizational wellness by building the Wellness Wave™,​ a diagnostic tool that measures performance across five core elements. ​ Our goal is to create a benchmark for business excellence that is universally accepted and agreed upon.

We visualize a world where people bring their whole selves to work. They are balanced, fulfilled, productive, and mindful. Business leaders across the globe view the collective voices of their organization as a critical component to sustainable growth, and they connect the disconnected to achieve and sustain peak performance. In a perfect world, people realize the value of their contributions to their colleagues, customers, and the organizations they serve.

Core Values

We are passionate.Excitement and enthusiasm promote healthy interactions with our customers and colleagues, and produce meaningful business outcomes.

We are lighthearted.We believe that playfulness and humor ensure customers can be comfortable addressing challenging topics in a trusting environment.

We are balanced.​ We believe that nourishing our mental, physical, and spiritual health is critical to maintaining an optimal work-life balance.

We are authentic.We believe that honest and genuine conversations create solutions that drive positive transformation.

We are altruistic.We believe that our willingness to prioritize the well-being of others serves as a catalyst for positive change.

We are progressive.We value continuous improvement, incremental growth, and diverse perspectives.

Social Responsibility

Five to Flow is a collective that operates within an ethical framework, ​ and we are committed to conscious capitalism. Our focus on social responsibility and philanthropy reinforces our commitment to elevating the existence of every individual and maintaining a balance between the economy and our ecosystems.

We contribute 5% of our revenue annually to non-profit organizations that focus on enabling infrastructures, providing life necessities, and offering education for children and young adults globally.

Five to Flow employees dedicate 5% of their work time volunteering for the non-profit of their choice.

We set aside five weeks of pro-bono work per year to complete projects for non-profit organizations.



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