Five to Flow Legal Policies

Though we don't anticipate ever needing to enforce our Terms & Conditions, we do want to ensure you can understand what you're agreeing to when you work with Five to Flow. ​ Much of our focus is on personal and professional details about people, various aspects of the culture, process redesign, use and privacy with technology and data, and analytics often focused on confidential financials or company performance. ​ Therefore, we want to ensure our customers understand we take this very seriously and will protect your information as if it is our own. ​ Please review our Terms of Use and Privacy policies below for more information.

Terms of Use

Unless you love reading the fine print, this won't be the most fun page on our site, but our lawyers say we have to have it, so please enjoy.


Our Privacy page will advise why any personal information is being collected, how it will be used, and to whom it will be confidentially and anonymously disclosed.