Below the surface™

Below the surface™ is a digital magazine that will focus on sharing insights and collective intelligence on the five core elements of organizational wellness.

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Coming soon... Our magazine loaded with information, expert articles, and strategies designed to optimize your flow

This quarterly publication will be the industry standard and your go-to for all things flow, how to achieve flow, and how to move your organization forward.

In each release you will find articles from our experts in the areas of: people, culture, process, tech, and​ analytics.

The 30,000 foot view

Each of our thought leaders will be contributing from their particular zone of genius to give our readers: the latest industry trends, cutting edge perspectives, and suggested practices related to our five to flow model and the current climate designed to move your organization to the forefront of innovation in your industry.


Focus Areas: Health | Change | Career | Customers | Engagement


Focus Areas: Vision | Values | Leadership | Container | Grit


Focus Areas: Customer Experience | Marketing | Sales | Operations | Back Office Ops


Focus Areas: Architecture | Channels | Infrastructure | Governance | Data


Focus Areas: Descriptive | Diagnostic | Predictive | Prescriptive | AI



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