29 January2021

The Gratitude Rampage

How a gratitude rampage can shift the entire energy of your workspace.

by Sam Morris

The 15-minute gratitude rampage is the deep energy reset you never knew you needed. What's dings our energy, both personally and as an organization the most, is when we lose sight of present moment awareness and our thoughts or a situation run away with us. Getting into gratitude is the fastest and most effective way to reset that low vibrational energy and get yourself and the workday back on track.

The next time you notice your energy or the energy of your workspace dipping because of the current climate or it's "just one of those days", take a pause and do the 15-minute gratitude rampage I talk about in the video above. If you have any questions on our Culture Solutions​ at Five to Flow or comments on the Gratitude Rampage, feel free to comment below.



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