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Photo: Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan, China

Thank you, Asa J. Nilsson and the More Moss to the People Podcast, for featuring our CEO & Founder, Kate Visconti and then, our Chief Humanologist, Dr. Alexis Yamokoski. We are grateful for your interest in Five to Flow® and for sharing our founder's story about traveling the world, experiencing other cultures, and how Five to Flow's core values relate to getting lost in nature. Listen in as she shares how to help people be more productive by being out in nature more, working less time, having boundaries in place, taking breaks, breathing more, and resetting the brain to access flow to create a more productive workplace.

Dr. Alexis Yamokoski takes us on her journey through shame, the importance of kindness, having hard conversations, embracing 'lightness,' feeling isolated, grieving alone, the impermanence of everything, finding joy in the next moment, and staying present.

More Moss to the People is a place for discussions about De-Cluttering our Body Mind, Soul, AND Home. Asa's podcast is for the person that WANTS and DARES to slow down and choose to live an authentic life over the hustle and grind. More Moss, Less Mess. Her passion is about speaking about life AND death.

Five to Flow and Camp4 Launch Exclusive Leadership Development Programs

San Francisco - January 31, 2023

Five to Flow and Camp4 today announce the launch of Discover Your Purpose and Leadership Essentials for people affected by recent layoffs.

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