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Five to Flow™ and Revolent Invest in Climb Hire's Mission to Prepare Working Adults for Careers in Technology

Five to Flow, a global consulting agency that builds integrative organizational wellness solutions designed to achieve and sustain peak business performance, has teamed up with Revolent, the world's most trusted talent creation and enablement partner, to help working adults start careers in technology through Climb Hire.

San Francisco, CA / March 28, 2023​ ​ - Five to Flow™​ and Revolent​ today announce a partnership to support the amazing mission at Climb Hire. Climb Hire recruits and trains diverse and determined working adults, known as “climbers,” to prepare them for entry-level jobs in tech in the US.

According to recent research from Pew, the gap in STEM workforce representation is especially large for Hispanic adults. Hispanic workers make up 17% of total employment across all occupations but just 8% of all STEM workers. Their share of all STEM workers is up 1% since 2016, in line with their growth in the overall workforce. Ninety-five percent of climbers are people of color, with 50% identifying as Black or Latino. Furthermore, 85% of climbers have secured jobs increasing their income 2-3x within 6 months of graduation.

With this in mind, Revolent and Five to Flow’s investment in Climb Hire is timely, as the need to improve gender, racial, and ethnic representation in STEM jobs grows every day.

Five to Flow donates 5% of the revenue from each engagement to a non-profit organization of the client’s choosing. Revolent knows that diverse teams perform better, and Climb Hire shares their mission of making careers in technology more accessible to people from various backgrounds and experiences.

“Five to Flow’s commitment to social responsibility strongly echoes our own values as a business. Their support of our charity of choice, Climb Hire, will be instrumental in helping to further our collective goal of making careers in tech more accessible to people from all backgrounds,” said Jon Flaherty, CEO of the Americas, Revolent.

”Five to Flow is committed to improving authentic, inspiring, and purposeful employee experiences, so we are proud to support Climb Hire’s effort to help people from underrepresented backgrounds start and develop their careers in technology,” said Kate Visconti, Founder & CEO of Five to Flow.


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Five to Flow is a global consulting agency that builds integrative organizational wellness solutions designed to achieve and sustain peak performance. Our proprietary methodology is driven by five core elements of organizational wellness. ​ We are the bridge between who an organization thinks they are, who they actually are, and who they aspire to be.


As the world’s trusted cloud talent creation and enablement partner, Revolent provides organizations with an affordable and measurable workforce growth model that delivers maximum profitability. We help our clients build sustainable and diverse cloud talent pipelines by hiring, cross-training, and placing experienced IT talent on-site as business-ready, net-new cloud professionals while also offering the option to reskill or upskill our clients’ existing teams.


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