Analytics Solutions

We believe in leveraging data to make business decisions. If you torture the data enough, it will confess.

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Artificial Intelligence

Analytics Overview


In many organizations, data exists in pockets and it's unstructured. Data insights are not fully integrated into strategic planning, forecasting, channel strategy, management, customer segmentation, personalization, or prioritization. We believe data can be leveraged to create actionable insights driving individual and organizational decisions.

Five to Flow will assess five key areas of analytics in order to improve confidence in leadership decisions, individual empowerment, increased productivity, job satisfaction, and positive customer experiences.

Descriptive Analytics


Five to Flow's solutions and recommendations on Descriptive Analytics will focus on:

  1. Collection and Storage:Gather relevant data to process, analyze, and visualize.
  2. Summarization.Follow techniques to summarize large datasets.
  3. Business value.​ Effectively describe outcomes to stakeholders.
  4. Performance.​ Develop key performance indicators (KPIs).
  5. Metrics.Define specialized metrics to track performance in specific industries/focus areas.

Diagnostic Analytics


Five to Flow's recommendations on Diagnostic Analytics will focus on:

  1. Root Cause analysis. Determine the "why" beneath current issues.
  2. Performance indicators.​ Evaluate the success of particular activities.
  3. Trend discovery. Determine improvement and degradation trends.
  4. Outlier analysis.​ Identify anomalies in the data.
  5. Statistical techniques. Find relationships and trends that explain anomalies.

Predictive Analytics

Five to Flow's recommendations on Predictive analytics will focus on:

  1. Proactive decisioning.​ Leverage insight into what may happen in the future.
  2. Predictive process. Utilize techniques using historical data to identify trends and predict future behaviors.
  3. Analytics technologies.​ Enable predictive analytical tools.
  4. Predictive techniques. Leverage statistical and machine learning best practices.
  5. Predictive neural networks. Follow decision trees and regression to predict behaviors.

Prescriptive Analytics


Five to Flow's recommendations on Prescriptive analytics will focus on:

  1. Action drivers.Determine key future actions and what should be done to improve outcomes.
  2. Certainty drivers. Inform decisions with insights in the face of uncertainty.
  3. Pattern identification.Leverage techniques and machine learning strategies that can find patterns in large datasets.
  4. Forecasting. Analyze past decisions and events to determine the likelihood of similar and different outcomes in the future.

Artificial Intelligence

Five to Flow's recommendations on AI will focus on the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence. We will enable optimizing:

  1. Perception.​ Acquire, interpret, select, and organize sensory information.
  2. Visual perception. Directly map input into output via a learning process.
  3. Speech recognition.Create front-end of a system that can perceive and understand spoken language.
  4. Automated decision-making.​ Leverage data into a single, unified view to automate actions.
  5. Translation between languages. Properly translate your content by interpreting the intent of that source content.