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Culture Overview


Your organization’s culture encompasses the ideas, customs, and social behavior of your leaders, employees and customers.

Corporate culture is the shared values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs that characterize members of an organization and define your company's mission and purpose.

Five to Flow's cultural assessment focuses on Strategy, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Environment, Leadership, and Grit.

Five to Flow will take a deep dive with you into the above mentioned areas and optimize each one of them independently so that your organization can reach and maintain a flow state holistically.


Great culture starts with a vision or mission statement based on purpose. This guides your company’s vision and provides it with intention. That intention, in turn, orients every decision employees and leadership make. When you are operating from a deeply authentic place your vision will help orient customers, suppliers, and stakeholders alike.

Five to Flow's solutions and recommendations on vision​ will define how your organization can best execute on the following to realize your purpose:

  1. Clarity and meaning. Document and socialize a coherent and transparentmission, purpose, and intention.
  2. Enrollment.​ Promote active involvement with the current state, direction and movement of the organization.
  3. Alignment.​ Ensure the belief in the vision is consistent across teams and matches the effort of the organization and its people.
  4. Engagement.​ Drive the level of involvement and interaction; promote authentic movement toward the common goals of the organization.
  5. Integration.Connect every action, behavior, and intention to move the organization forward with fluidity.



Your company’s values are the foundation of your culture. While your vision articulates your company’s purpose, values offer the roadmap for the behaviors and mindsets needed to achieve that vision and innovate.

Five to Flow's recommendations onvalueswill focus on optimizing individual and team-based:

  1. Behavioral and Mindset Guidelines.Create clearly established parameters to promote efficiency and reduce drag.
  2. Mental Wellness. Ensure every individual's bandwidth, ability and awareness to be fully aligned and committed to organizational vision and purpose.
  3. Professional Standards.Uphold the established rules for serving clients, interacting with colleagues, and moving the company vision forward.
  4. Authenticity and Trust. Create and sustain an atmosphere of safety, integrity, and open interactions.
  5. Core Values.Live the clearly defined - and relevant to the current climate - values and hold each other accountable to them.


A coherent company culture involves people who share it's core values and possess the willingness and ability to embrace those values to move the mission forward.

Five to Flow's recommendations onleadershipwill focus on optimizing individual and team-based:

  1. Emotional Intelligence.Develop the capacity to be aware of, control, and express emotions; to handle interpersonal relationships empathetically.
  2. Transformational Leadership. Execute on a strategy where a leader works with teams to identify needed change, creating a vision to guide the change through inspiration, and executing the change in tandem with committed members of a group.
  3. Conscious Communication. Implement radical candor to be available for another person to meet your need by asking for the specific behavior that will fulfill it.
  4. Coaching. Help each other learn in ways that enable progress and career growth; ask questions and provoke thought and self-guidance.
  5. Managerial Competence. ​ Demonstrate capabilities to resolve conflicts, support solving complex employee challenges, build effective teams, and drive optimal performance.


Your company’s container, or space, is composed of the actual physical environment and the effect that environment has on your people. Things like green-spaces, open architectural design, location, and light engineering promote how your people feel and interact throughout the day. Open architecture is more conducive to certain office behaviors, like collaboration. Certain cities and countries have local cultures that may reinforce or contradict the culture a firm is trying to create. Container- geography, architecture, or design, impacts the values and behaviors of people.

Five to Flow's recommendations on containerwill focus on optimizing individual and team-based behavior and performance in the following areas:

  1. Architecture.Architect an office design and layout that promotes creativity and collaboration.
  2. Art.Create a vibration of inspiration and innovation.
  3. Energy.Promote the flow of communication and interaction.
  4. Open Spaces. Provide physical room for people to think and move freely.
  5. Environment.Foster an office environment aligned with your mission and values where your people want to be there.


Grit has been said to be the most important indicator of success. When it comes down to the bottom line where do you stand with grit? The amount of resistance you are willing and able to push through will determine where you rise above your competition and thrive in your industry.

Five to Flow's recommendations and solutions on grit will use our proprietary Grit Score to focus on improving individual and team-based performance through:

  1. Courage. Give permission and empowerment to take risks, fail, iterate and persevere.
  2. Conscientiousness. Focus on quality driving positive customer outcomes and realism.
  3. Long-term Goals & Endurance.Focus on enabling ebbs and flows in the business, investment in the future.
  4. Resilience.Promote a dynamic combination of optimism, creativity, and confidence to regulate emotion.
  5. Excellence.Forgive, allow, and embrace failure and vulnerability on the ongoing quest for improvement.



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