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Process ​ Overview

Customer journeys and customer centric processes are increasingly driving ’top-to-bottom’ operating model redesign spanning from customer proposition to underlying technology infrastructure.

Future state customer centric processes provide organizations with a customer experience vision to work towards. They enable organizations to become truly customer obsessed, prioritize effort, share a unified view of the future, and encourage teams to operate in a cross-functional and collaborative manner.

Five to Flow will assess five key areas related to process for the purpose of assisting each area of the organization to rethink and redesign how they do their work, often from an external lens, in order to improve customer service, reduce expenses, increase productivity and efficiencies, and create competitive advantage.

Customer Experience & Service


Five to Flow's solutions and recommendations on customer experience and service will focus on enabling our customers to design programs, implement best practices, and collaborate with cross-functional teams for the purpose of improving/optimizing:

  1. Customer segmentation.​ Leverage key attributes about customers in order to market, sell and serve more effectively based on preferences.
  2. Personalization and customization.​ Tailor messages, offerings and experiences based on assumed and stated preferences.
  3. Journey mapping. ​ Visualize the process that a buying persona goes through for the purpose of anticipating needs and next actions.
  4. Customer service. Support customers before and after they buy and use products or services creating an easy and enjoyable experience.
  5. Service to sales. Enable employees who engage service interactions to provide added value to customers through product offers and recommendations.



Five to Flow's recommendations on marketing will focus on enabling our customers' marketing teams to design programs, implement best practices, and collaborate with cross-functional teams for the purpose of improving/optimizing:

  1. Brand Health. Focus on the brand delivering on certain attributes of a product or service that it promises its customers.
  2. Digital Marketing Maturity. Develop capacity to evolve and deliver seamless digital brand experiences spanning all channels.
  3. Marketing Operations.​ Enable the marketing organization to operate efficiently and to scale with quality and consistency.
  4. Demand Generation Business to Business (B2B).​ Leverage a data-driven marketing strategy through the use of technology accounting for every touchpoint in the journey.
  5. Customer Engagement Business to Consumer (B2C).​ Increase the engagement customers have with a brand by delivering personalized messages across preferred channels.


Five to Flow's recommendations on Sales will focus on enabling our customers' sales teams to design programs, implement best practices, and collaborate with cross-functional teams for the purpose of improving/optimizing:

  1. Sales Skills. Equip sales team with the skills needed to build customer relationships and manage the sales process effectively from identification to closure.
  2. Sales Channels. Refine the strategies and means for selling to customers from a distribution channel to direct to inside sales to eCommerce.
  3. Sales Support, Operations and Enablement. Manage process solutions/technology, content, sales tools and alignment tactics that allow sales to work smarter and perform better.
  4. Sales Methodology and Sales Process. Leverage a relevant and disciplined framework for a sales approach during each phase of the sales process, which maps out a sequence of stages aligned to the customers' buying process.
  5. Sales Culture and Sales Leadership. Bring out the best in salespeople, quickly identifying problems, adjusting, collaborating and knowledge sharing under leaders who empower their teams and generate predictable, positive results.



Five to Flow's recommendations on Operations will focus on improving/optimizing efficiency and effectiveness of:

  1. Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP).​ Integrate sales and operations management processes to achieve focus, alignment and synchronization.
  2. R&D/Product Management/Pricing. Grow and improve business through market and customer research; developing new and improved products and services at the right price.
  3. Procurement/ Supplier Management/Partnerships. Optimize business efficacy through external sources and partners.
  4. Sustainability. Meet business needs without compromising future generations' environmental, natural, social and economic resources.
  5. Supply Chain. Enable engagement between organizations and suppliers, including producers, vendors, warehouses, transportation companies, distribution centers and retailers.

Back Office Operations

Five to Flow's recommendations on back office operations will focus on improving/optimizing:

  1. Legal.​ Oversee the identification and response to enterprise-wide legal issues, leveraging knowledge of the business, law, regulatory requirements, legislation and economic factors that could hinder the Company’s freedom and growth. Manage regulatory and non-regulatory issues and responses to legal risks, leveraging knowledge of legislation, economic and social factors, as well as knowledge of the business.
  2. Compliance & Risk.​ Identify and analyze the wide range of enterprise risks and take the necessary steps to mitigate those issues and while nurturing a culture of compliance in the company.
  3. Finance/Tax/Audit.​ Evaluate organizational/department financial statements, documentation, accounting and data and confirm the reporting and control systems protect the financial viability and growth of the company.
  4. Compensation & Incentive.​ Ensure salary, benefits and incentives motivate desired behaviors with drivers that attract and retain the best talent.
  5. Information Security. Ensure appropriate internal policies and controls exist to secure company data from alteration, unauthorized access and theft.



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