Tech Solutions

At Five to Flow, we design technology solutions that enhance the customer experience and simplify their lives.

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Technology Overview


Inefficient, outdated, and disconnected technology systems along with related manual processes create excessive inefficiencies and unnecessary work. The tools and resources purchased and deployed within an organization should be chosen and implemented to enable employee and customer engagement. Reinforcing this integrated technology system with adoption metrics promotes continuous innovation and ROI. ​

Five to Flow will assess five key areas of technology for the purpose of enabling employees with tools that automate and simplify processes and increase efficiency and productivity.

Architecture and Integrations


Five to Flow's solutions and recommendations for architecture and integrations will focus on improving:

  1. Applications. Create and maintain operational applications.
  2. Data management.Develop, secure, and store electronic data.
  3. Software. Assist in the use of specialized technology tools across teams.
  4. Integrations strategy.Plan for a short and long term approach for connecting systems and data sources.
  5. Integrations management. Define processes that ensure that the elements of IT projects are properly coordinated.



Five to Flow's recommendations on Channels will focus on improving:

  1. Customer Facing Apps.​ Ensure application development progresses with customer needs.
  2. Telephony/Communications.​ Evolve help desk communications tools to scale.
  3. Company Website. Leverage SEO and web best practices to engage with customers and prospects.
  4. Mobile & Social platforms. Create compelling content and productive engagement tools.
  5. eCommerce. Enable seamless online purchasing.

Infrastructure and Support

Five to Flow's solutions and recommendations for Infrastructure and Support will focus on improving:

  1. IT system function.Ensure hardware components are performing optimally.
  2. Software/hardware.​ Install new technology resources aligned with employee needs.
  3. Hardware support. Troubleshoot and repair timely and efficiently.
  4. Employee enablement.​ Develop curriculum and train employees on processes as enabled in technology.
  5. Troubleshooting technology issues.​ Ensure seamless return to productivity with fast technology issue resolution.



Five to Flow's recommendations on Governance will focus on improving:

  1. IT Systems.Design and implement operational parameters.
  2. Oversight. Define roles and responsibilities for architecture and networks.
  3. IT security.Maintain employee and customer confidence.
  4. PMO Architecture and Optimization.Streamline technology selections and project delivery.
  5. Center of Excellence Creation/Restructuring.Engage all lines of business for input on optimal technology.


Five to Flow's solutions and recommendations for data will focus on improving:

  1. MDM Strategy.Implement Master Data Management programs and tools.
  2. Data Governance.​ Manage data integrity to enable business decisions.
  3. Data Quality. Provide assurance and define stewardship.
  4. Data Migrations and integrations.Ensure data is accurate through limited redundancies.
  5. Data Compliance. Ensure privacy, security, and data residency.