A proprietary framework for business transformation

We have developed a proprietary framework for transforming organizations that is flexible, scalable and a proven solution for accelerating change.

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You choose your path. We guide you.

Our services are designed to guide you step by step towards achieving and sustaining peak business performance across the five core elements. Our methods ensure that your organization understands the root causes of your business problems, how to solve them, and how to enable your teams to execute your organizational transformation. You choose your path based on where you are today and we help guide you towards organizational flow.

Our core program helps organizations Achieve Flow™​ in five waves.

1. Stakeholder Engagement

We will assess your maturity, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, blind spots and pleasant surprises through a 5-element scorecard, confidential interviews with key employees across the organization, employee and leadership shadowing, internal meeting attendance and document reviews, etc.

2. Independent Research

We will read your investor reports, conduct social listening for your company, meet with your customers, act as your customers, and complete a full analysis of your industry, geographical, and product/services trends.

3. Data Analysis

We will deeply analyze the results from the Stakeholder Engagement and Independent Research to surface and report on the core challenges and issues along with their impacts, strengths on which to capitalize, strategies and tactics that solve the root causes of the issues, along with expected outcomes of the solutions.

4. Collaborative Workshops

We will help you determine attendees and mobilize them for an interactive session where we look back to digest the analysis, discuss the results, and move ahead to focus on the business value, business readiness and complexity of the solutions we prioritize as a collective team considering expectations of/ impacts to employees, leaders, customers, and partners.

5. Action Plan

We will synthesize the results from the Workshop(s) to create an easy to follow, executable action plan with owners, timelines, dependencies, and KPIs along with recommended next steps for internal resources and external prospective providers such as Five to Flow teammates or other suitable options.




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