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Integrative Technology Transformation

Over the past few years, digital disruption has increased exponentially due to the pandemic and the resulting changes to the way organizations and employees work. At Five to Flow, we are mindful of this alarming trend and have a proven solution for facing these challenges and increasing technology ROI.

The latest data from the Wellness Wave™ reveals that only 21% of respondents have the right people and processes in place to manage their technology stack effectively.

From our point of view, it is clear that wellness must be a part of the fabric of an organization. Technology transformations are doomed to fail without first diagnosing the people, culture, process, and analytics issues that exist and understanding how they affect technology adoption and its influence on individual flow. If you are curious about how to lead a successful technology transformation and build the business case, we invite you to download our infographic that helps lay the foundation for our integrative approach.

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