We partner with our customers from the initial flow assessment to the action plan and beyond.

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Integrative Technology Transformation

Over the past few years, digital disruption has increased exponentially due to the pandemic and the resulting changes to the way organizations and employees work. At Five to Flow, we are mindful of this alarming trend and have a proven solution for facing these challenges and increasing technology ROI.

The latest data from the Wellness Wave™ reveals that only 21% of respondents have the right people and processes in place to manage their technology stack effectively.

From our point of view, it is clear that wellness must be a part of the fabric of an organization. Technology transformations are doomed to fail without first diagnosing the people, culture, process, and analytics issues that exist and understanding how they affect technology adoption and its influence on individual flow. If you are curious about how to lead a successful technology transformation and build the business case, we invite you to download our infographic that helps lay the foundation for our integrative approach.

Our Differentiators

Our services are designed toachieve and sustain organizational flow.

Choose Your Path.

We will customize your journey with us depending on your priorities and internal capabilities.

Assess Flow.

We assess the current state of your business health.

Discover Flow.

We equip business leaders with the knowledge and ability to inspire transformation.

Achieve Flow.

We customize an action plan to realize your business goals.

Sustain Flow.

We enable your organization to execute your action plan.

Manage Flow.

We execute your action plan, provide coaching, and connect you with strategic partners.

Details create the big picture.

Find Flow






Find your flow with our Collective.


At Five to Flow, our goal as a collective of experienced consultants will always be to exist as collaborators. ​ Our recommendations cannot be complete without the interactions and ultimately the alignment with the Customers’ leadership team and the engagement of the core stakeholders. ​

Additionally, our recommendations are only as good as the ability to see them through execution. ​ This may be through our leadership team or better yet – through the enablement of the Customers own internal resources to execute. Regardless, an engagement cannot be complete without seeing quantifiable results where we engage.

We offer five services that take our customers on a journey to find individual, team, and organizational flow. ​ Click on each tab to read about the journey from individualized executive leadership flow to team flow to organizational flow. ​


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Assess flow with the Wellness Wave.

Experience the survey of a lifetime constructed and honed over a decade of global consulting engagements and built collaboratively for Five to Flow as a proprietary diagnostic tool leveraging the brilliant minds of over 30 consultants, professionals, and advisors coupled with original research on flow through athletics, military, business and other performance experts.

Take the short, medium or long version as well as extensions by role to contribute to a wealth of data and insights about how people feel about themselves, their leadership and their companies. ​ We will present the data back with actionable insights to enable transformation one person at a time. Results across the five core elements will demonstrate where an organization is:

  1. Toxic - Failing
  2. Deficient - Lacking
  3. Borderline - Area of Concern
  4. Strong - Performing
  5. In Flow - Leading

Discover flow at one of our retreats.


For Executives and Founders, escape your work week for a five-day retreat off site (pending COVID restrictions) where you will learn how to:

  1. Recognize the interconnectivity and align on decision-making process across the five core elements of People, Culture, Processes, Technology and Analytics.
  2. Hack flow through strategic and tactical exercises that promote passion, focus, freedom, feedback and the 4% rule of challenge over skills; experience the flow cycle from struggle to release to flow to recovery.
  3. Define your IKIGAI ​ - where you can leverage curiosity, passion, purpose, mastery and autonomy and define focus areas, interests, values, expertise, and your story driving clarity for your leadership style.
  4. Create your one year plan with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual actions.
  5. Take back to your company and measure the results and learn about the achieve program where we spend five weeks with your team to create a custom integrative organizational wellness plan.


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Achieve flow through our five-week core program.


For Enterprise, SMB, NFP, and Government Leadership teams, invest in engaging your company in a 5-week program where we will:

  1. Align on the organizational goals and expected outcomes of the engagement.
  2. Engage with stakeholders and customers to identify the strengths and opportunities for improvement across the five core elements of People, Culture, Processes, Technology and Analytics.
  3. Assess the company performance in comparison to competition, the industry, and geographies coupled with anticipated impacts short and long term.
  4. Prioritize the solutions toward the target outcomes coupled with an action plan for the top five programs recommended.
  5. Finalize the customized plan with owners (internal or partners), timelines, key milestones, high level tasks, KPIs/metrics, and progress assessment tools.

Sustain flow at our delivery bootcamp.


For Enterprise, SMB, NFP, and Government Leadership teams, invest in engaging your Oversight and Delivery Teams in a five-day bootcamp where we will:

  1. Drive awareness of the top five programs/engagements and align on their contributions toward the organizational goals and expected outcomes.
  2. Identify the resources needed, motivators, barriers and dependencies across the five core programs designated to improve the wellness of the People, Culture, Processes, Technology and Analytics.
  3. Define expectations and share the knowledge needed for the internal delivery teams to successfully lead toward completion of the programs on time and on budget.
  4. Teach the skills needed to ensure the Delivery Team's ability to lead program teams and execute on tasks, deliverables, and change management plans.
  5. Co-create customized plans aligned to the organization's culture to enable leadership reinforcement of the transformation while enabling seamless and positive change among the employees, customers and impacted stakeholders.
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Manage flow through our customized programs.

Once we complete the Achieve flow program, you will be equipped with a customized, executable plan. ​ If your organization cannot complete the actions needed due to limited in house resources, Five to Flow or a Partner Organization will own the next steps through to implementation and measurable outcomes. ​ These managed services, which are to be determined by customer need and partner expertise, will focus on:

  1. Reviewing the "Plan on a Page" with the Five to Flow or Third Party Partner delivery teams to define scope, timelines, costs and ROI model for each of the initiatives.
  2. Ensuring processes are documented to resolve conflicts, remove obstacles, identify dependencies and manage incremental change.
  3. Meeting one on one with the internal customer owners of the initiatives to review a RACI model and rules of engagement and provide long term coaching with collective members by role as needed.
  4. Overseeing each initiative between Five to Flow, Customer teams and Third Party Partner teams through to completion.
  5. Measuring results for each initiative and complete reports on value and ROI.

Details create the big picture.

Find Flow

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