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The collective intelligence at Five to Flow is crucial to driving the success of our company and our customers.​

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Our Subject Matter Advisors and Business Partners

Our Subject Matter Advisors and Business Partners are an informal group of external, non-paid experts who are hand-picked by the CEO and Managing Directors. ​ Thank you all for being an extension of our Collective and ensuring our solutions are strengthened by those who can offer guidance, advice, and extended managed services outside of Five to Flow's core areas of expertise. ​ We appreciate you!

Jasmine Bentley

Advisor ​ | ​ Education, Empowerment, and Enablement

Preethi Bhishma, MD

Advisor ​ | ​ Health & Wellness

Kostia Breton

Advisor ​ | ​ Innovation

Frank Cuiuli

Partner ​ | ​ Peak Performance

Don Harjo Daves-Rougeaux

Advisor | Education, Fundraising, and Workforce Management

Danielle DiCoscia

Advisor ​ | ​ Recruiting and Onboarding

Brooke Fitness

Partner ​ | ​ Entrepreneurship and Tech Innovation

Constantine Georgiou

Partner ​ | ​ Enlightened Leadership

Megan Gilhooly

Advisor ​ | ​ Customer and Content Experience

Shannon Guiney

Advisor ​ | ​ Incentive & Compensation

Claudia Herrington

Advisor ​ | ​ Legal & Enterprise Risk

Kathy Miller

Advisor ​ | ​ Cultural Transformation

Ian Haycroft

Partner ​ | ​ Energy & Wisdom

Daniel Howell

Partner | Organizational Strategy & Systems

Scott Ko

Partner | ​ Social Enterprise

Willow McDonough

Partner | ​ Media Coaching

Lisa Pinckney-Wong

Advisor ​ | ​ Not-For-Profit Leadership and Mentorship

Chris Rebant

Advisor ​ | Data, Analytics, and Insights

Richard Pybus

Advisor ​ | ​ Optimal Performance

Marty Rowell

Advisor ​ | ​ Sustainability

Ondine Norman

Advisor ​ | ​ Executive Coaching and Transformation

David Stoner

Advisor ​ | Mental Health

Christine Strobush

Advisor ​ | ​ Business Transformation

Sonal Trivedi

Advisor ​ | ​ Organizational Change

James Williams, Ph.D.

Advisor ​ | ​ Talent Management

Fred Wills

Advisor ​ | ​ Diversity Initiatives

Anne Whiteford

Advisor ​ | ​ Career Development

Leanne Wong

Advisor ​ | ​ Performance and Coaching

Tom Reinert

Advisor ​ | ​ Finance

Shadow Board Members

Five to Flow is proud to leverage a “shadow board” — a group of ​ external non-executive employees that work with us on our strategic initiatives. The purpose is to leverage the group's insights and to diversify the perspectives to which the Five to Flow executives and customers are exposed while encouraging engagement and career growth for this group of rising stars.

Thank you Five to Flow Shadow Board for supporting Five To Flow and our customers around the world.

Maria Clara Mesa Abad

Jr. Advisor ​ | ​ Flow, Entrepreneurship, Gaming

Parker Kennedy

Jr. Advisor ​ | ​ Mindfulness

Ishna Koul

Jr. Advisor ​ | ​ Public Health & Well-being

Joel Kubler

Jr. Advisor ​ | ​ Business & Entrepreneurship Intern

Bryce Only

Jr. Advisor ​ | ​ Innovation

Travis Thomas

Jr. Advisor ​ | ​ Servant Leadership

Five to Flow, LLC is a global collective of subject matter experts who have decades of international business strategy, organizational change, health & wellness, process redesign, digital transformation, data science, and enterprise program management across all industry sectors. The Subject Matter Advisors and Business Partners engage voluntarily to support the most diverse, current, relevant, and thoughtful solutions for our customers.




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