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SONIFI: Improving the customer experience and profitability by focusing on employee engagement and empowerment.

SONIFI Solutions is a technology and service platform for the smart enterprise. Serving 5,000+ customers across hospitality, healthcare, and commercial sectors worldwide, SONIFI simplifies complex technology projects at scale with unparalleled service and support. Learn more at sonifi.com.

"You cannot put a price on the value we found in unifying employees from different functions and making them aware of the upstream and downstream impacts their roles have on one another."

-Ahmad Ouri, CEO

"The executive workshop you facilitated was a really great session. I have to admit, when I saw the five-hour block, I wondered how we were going to make it through that. But the time flew by, and I thought it was a great and mind-opening conversation. I'm looking forward to working with you and the team on the next steps."

-Paul Johnson, SVP Strategic Accounts

"I read the full executive findings report, both pre-read and final. It's amazing that you were able to get through so many interviews, synthesize, and place everything into an actionable presentation so quickly. It's really quite remarkable."

-John Chang, CFO

"One of the most immediate impacts taken from SONIFI employee feedback resulted from a multi-day working session Five to Flow ran to document the order management process. Individuals in different departments who have been working together for years gained awareness and insight into the responsibilities and challenges each department faces on a daily basis. Just that workshop alone was helpful on many levels."

-Traci Gerth, SVP of Operations and Customer Experience

Our collective delivers results.

We are proud to share our the impact of our collective work. Customers choose to work with people they trust as engaging experts. ​ We believe in building lasting relationships by bringing the best consultants in their respective fields who have a holistic understanding our customer's business and industry.

Travel & Hospitality

You cannot put a price on the value we found in unifying employees from different functions and making them aware...

—Ahmad Ouri, CEO SONIFI

Professional Services

As a CIO of a Global Professional Services firm at the time of our engagement, the work Kate did...

—Brandon, Professional Services


I worked with Kate at several enterprise/global clients as a collaborative partner while...

—Jim Schnepp, Google

Comms & Media

"It was nice to work through the process; it was quite smooth. Five to Flow's Action Plan will make it easy to prepare for the next financial year."

—Brent Franich, Vocus NZ

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Not For Profit

As the Global Program Owner and lead change manager for a very complex and emotionally charged global initiative, it was a relief for me to feel a sense...
—Julio, Global Program Manager, NFP

Higher Education

Five To Flow had a distinct ability to make the team feel valued and known as they gently and with precision pulled out the team's thought processes... ​ —Jared Peyton, Assistant Director, Gonzaga

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As the head of one of our top, global strategic initiatives, it was critically important for me to find a consulting partner that I could not only trust for...
—Christine Strobush, Flowserve

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Life Sciences

I first engaged with Kate to support strategies around our sales effectiveness and a strategy to enable my teams to onboard quickly to the use of new....
—Louis Lichten, PhD



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