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The Andrew Goodman Foundation is rooted in a powerful story from the past. Andrew Goodman joined Freedom Summer 1964 to register African-Americans to vote at the height of the Civil Rights Movement. On his first day in Mississippi, he and two other civil rights workers, James Chaney and Michael Schwerner, were murdered by the Ku Klux Klan. Andrew and his contemporaries were young Americans committed to changing the world and joined a movement to take action against injustice.

The Andrew Goodman Foundation was created in 1966 by Robert and Carolyn Goodman to carry on the spirit and the purpose of their son Andrew’s life. Today, their work harnesses the legacy of courageous civic action to grow new leaders of change.

AGF had an opportunity to promote a large group of staff into leadership roles and wanted to provide professional development opportunities to these folks without the typical leadership experience or training before being promoted into their new positions. We also needed a partner capable of helping us deal with the effects of these dramatic changes on our culture because of the pandemic and new team location logistics.

Five to Flow recommended the Discover Flow​ program and began by administering the Wellness Wave™ to the entire AGF staff to assess the current state of their organizational health across the five core elements. The project’s first wave, stakeholder engagement, focused on the human interaction and behavioral science components to help people understand how they can prevent blockers and achieve peak performance in their roles. One-on-one interviews were conducted with each stakeholder to collect qualitative data that reinforced their quantitative data from the diagnostic.

Building on the insights gathered from the first wave of work, Five to Flow moved into the second wave of work. We focused on delivering a series of immersive experiences for newly promoted leaders to help them understand best practices for team-building, strengthening their culture and communication, and aligning on their mission and vision.

The results were evident soon after the project ended. Five to Flow came into AGF’s orbit when there was a need to have a consistent place where people could go and learn how to communicate with each other during this significant change within their organization. The Discover Flow program improved AGF’s ability to further its mission and goals. More importantly, it improved its employees’ health and wellness and set them up to succeed through improved communication and collaboration.

We are now planning additional projects with AGF that will build upon the foundational work we started with Discover Flow. A few stakeholders reflected on Five to Flow’s impact and shared the following feedback.

“Unlike most organizations, Five to Flow was an engaged and responsive partner. They were always available to answer questions and went above and beyond to learn about our organization's cause and goals and get to know our people and their motivations.” ​ -Charles Imohiosen, President, Board of Directors.


“I enjoyed working with Five to Flow and what we learned from the program has strengthened working with co-workers, peer-to-peer, supervisors, and directors. After our engagement, we all realized we are here at AGF with the same goal, and that has had a huge impact on our organization.” -David Norman, Operations Associate


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You cannot put a price on the value we found in unifying employees from different functions and making them aware...

—Ahmad Ouri, CEO SONIFI

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The whole team at Five to Flow was responsive to our needs. Everyone at our company was impressed and saw the value in our work together.

—Kelley Walton, Co-Founder Third Eye Consulting


I worked with Kate at several enterprise/global clients as a collaborative partner while...

—Jim Schnepp, Google

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"It was nice to work through the process; it was quite smooth. Five to Flow's Action Plan will make it easy to prepare for the next financial year."

—Brent Franich, Vocus NZ


Unlike most organizations, Five to Flow was an engaged and responsive partner.

—Charles Imohiosen, President Andrew Goodman Foundation

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Five To Flow had a distinct ability to make the team feel valued and known as they gently and with precision pulled out the team's thought processes... ​ —Jared Payton, Assistant Director, Gonzaga

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Consideration of all five core elements help make an informed and well-rounded decision that's best for the company rather than being solely focused... —Jon Flaherty, Revolent

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I first engaged with Kate to support strategies around our sales effectiveness and a strategy to enable my teams to onboard quickly to the use of new....
—Louis Lichten, PhD



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