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Focusing on the five core elements of organizational wellness to prevent burnout, build resilience, and drive sustainable growth.

ThirdEye Consulting is a Salesforce and MuleSoft Partner dedicated to providing top-tier consulting to their clients. Whether a company is embarking on a new implementation or looking to add capabilities and get more out of the platform, their industry experts will work with you to ensure the engagement is a success.

ThirdEye Consulting employees are primarily happy in their work. Seeking continued growth for their employees, the ThirdEye leadership team wanted to promote the development of their management and leadership skills to improve employee trust, accountability, teamwork, and communication. As the number of their team members quickly increased, they realized they needed to shift the organizational structure for a more-balanced leverage model, which led to their need to distribute leadership responsibilities across the various practice leads.

To support their fast growth, prevent burnout, and build resilience, Five to Flow provided practical tools to increase their efficacy in communications, build trust, provide meaningful feedback, and support conflict resolution. In our work with ThirdEye, the Five to Flow Collective focused on key impactful activities for driving employee and customer success related to ThirdEye’s strategic goals. We also supported their goal of increasing profitable growth by enabling their team members to develop the skills they need to effectively serve their customers and exceptionally deliver on customer outcomes and value.

The initial leadership workshop was so successful that ThirdEye asked for an immediate second iteration for their project managers. As ThirdEye’s Co-Founder and Chief Digital Officer reflected on their experiences as they look forward to our continued work together, they shared:

“Our experience with Five to Flow showed us what work we need to do internally, how we can take the learnings from the sessions to do things better. We are now baking in conversations about our processes to see how we can continue to improve.” -Sunny Matharu, Chief Digital Officer


“Five to Flow’s services absolutely exceeded my expectations. We hope to have an ongoing engagement with Five to Flow. I highly recommend Five to Flow.” -Kelley Walton, Co-Founder


We encourage you to contact us​ for more information regarding how we can develop your team members’ communication and leadership skills through our organizational wellness coaching and training sessions.

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Travel & Hospitality

You cannot put a price on the value we found in unifying employees from different functions and making them aware...

—Ahmad Ouri, CEO SONIFI

Professional Services

The whole team at Five to Flow was responsive to our needs. Everyone at our company was impressed and saw the value in our work together.

—Kelley Walton, Co-Founder Third Eye Consulting


I worked with Kate at several enterprise/global clients as a collaborative partner while...

—Jim Schnepp, Google

Comms & Media

"It was nice to work through the process; it was quite smooth. Five to Flow's Action Plan will make it easy to prepare for the next financial year."

—Brent Franich, Vocus NZ


Unlike most organizations, Five to Flow was an engaged and responsive partner.

—Charles Imohiosen, President Andrew Goodman Foundation

Higher Education

Five To Flow had a distinct ability to make the team feel valued and known as they gently and with precision pulled out the team's thought processes... ​ —Jared Payton, Assistant Director, Gonzaga

Talent Creation

Consideration of all five core elements help make an informed and well-rounded decision that's best for the company rather than being solely focused... —Jon Flaherty, Revolent

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I first engaged with Kate to support strategies around our sales effectiveness and a strategy to enable my teams to onboard quickly to the use of new....
—Louis Lichten, PhD



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