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At the beginning of our engagement with Five to Flow, I did not have high expectations around working with a specialised consulting firm until I had the opportunity to meet the team. I was concerned that we had not gone out to a wide enough user pool. ​ Through intentional listening, a proven methodology, and the use of the Wellness Wave diagnostic, they brought information through with a holistic customer journey despite not speaking directly with the whole team. ​ For me, that shows deep insights on what the real world people and business issues are and how to see them holistically. It was gratifying to see what we recognise on our own validated by a team of senior experts from around the world. ​

​ The difference I see with Five to Flow is that they not only recognise our challenges, but they care deeply about our employees and a focus on their voices. ​ Additionally, they offer actionable insights on how to prioritise solutions with a useful, stand alone action plan that enables us to resolve our challenges.

It is clear to the Vocus team that this was not their "first rodeo." ​ We have come away from this engagement with a lot of great materials that offer an extraordinary amount of value. ​ We have completed our first round of partnership feeling really invigorated about it, well equipped to plan for our next financial year, and ready to make progress on our goals. We look forward to a long term partnership with Five to Flow as we continue to innovate and grow together. ​ -Johnathan Eele, CEO Enterprise & Government

I have worked with Kate in the past and have always learnt something from her on each occasion. ​ On this engagement, I was very impressed by the feedback I had from our staff on how much Kate was able to relate to each person she spoke to and get to the heart of our issues by asking the right questions for each interview. ​ The wide-ranging areas of expertise within the Five for flow team meant they were able to examine multiple parts of our organisation and provide meaningful feedback and actionable recommendations to make the biggest impacts. ​ I would not hesitate to work with them again in the future and believe they would be an asset to any organisation looking for innovative ways to solve their most critical business challenges.​ ​ ​ -Michelle Gallagher, Sales Operations Manager

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Travel & Hospitality

You cannot put a price on the value we found in unifying employees from different functions and making them aware...

—Ahmad Ouri, CEO SONIFI

Professional Services

The whole team at Five to Flow was responsive to our needs. Everyone at our company was impressed and saw the value in our work together.

—Kelley Walton, Co-Founder Third Eye Consulting


I worked with Kate at several enterprise/global clients as a collaborative partner while...

—Jim Schnepp, Google

Comms & Media

"It was nice to work through the process; it was quite smooth. Five to Flow's Action Plan will make it easy to prepare for the next financial year."

—Brent Franich, Vocus NZ


Unlike most organizations, Five to Flow was an engaged and responsive partner.

—Charles Imohiosen, President Andrew Goodman Foundation

Higher Education

Five To Flow had a distinct ability to make the team feel valued and known as they gently and with precision pulled out the team's thought processes... ​ —Jared Payton, Assistant Director, Gonzaga

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As the head of one of our top, global strategic initiatives, it was critically important for me to find a consulting partner that I could not only trust for...
—Christine Strobush, Flowserve

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Life Sciences

I first engaged with Kate to support strategies around our sales effectiveness and a strategy to enable my teams to onboard quickly to the use of new....

—Louis Lichten, PhD



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